DIY GIFTS: Story Stones

by | Jan 14, 2017

I absolutely love the word ‘Story’ and the various meanings and definitions it holds behind it. You only have to look at the name of my website, Storyteller Creations, to see how much I love it! That is why I completely fell in love with DIY Gifts: Story Stones when I found a similar idea on Pinterest.

I have always found that smaller, made by the heart gifts can be far more cherished than those that are big, expensive and bought in a store. Also, the DIY Gifts: Story Stones are perfect for a little one who is exploring the beginnings of their imagination, with the touch of sentimentality knowing that it is made by you. And another bonus, it’s cheap, cheap, cheap!

I don’t know about you, but I would always ponder back and forth over how much to spend on a little one’s in-store for a gift. Of course whatever you purchased will be loved for a time, until it is rat and ruined, and then it is pushed away and forgotten about, and new and cooler things come along. It’s a lot of money to spend for such a short use of time. That is why, with a hint of imagination, a gift from the heart, and the chance to create your own story, the Story Stones are a gift you can’t go wrong with.

Check out Storyteller Creations DIY Gifts: Story Stones below 🙂 :

DIY Gifts: Story Stones

Here is what you’ll need:

‌• Stones (as many as you like)

‌• Bag to hold the stones

‌• Paint

‌• Black Sharpie

‌• Paint Brush

‌• Paper (Optional: I used this to place the painted rocks on to dry)


Collect the number of stones or pebbles you would like for the gift. Make sure you clean them thoroughly in warm water to get rid of all the dirty and nasties. After you have done these steps, paint the stones black, and leave to dry for 15-20 minutes.


Once the black paint is dry, you are ready to paint pictures onto the stone that will help in creating a story (e.g. fire, tree, water). Leave the paint to dry for another 15 – 20 minutes. In the meantime, take your bag that you will be gifting the Story Stones in, and write a little message on the front with your black sharpie.

YAY! Your Story Stones are dry and ready to explore the imagination of the little one you gift them to! They are just such a beautiful gift. I actually kept my batch for myself and turned them into a bit of home decor, as they are now sitting amongst my books. Couldn’t help myself! 🙂

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