DIY School Station Organizer

by | Jan 14, 2017

Don’t you hate it when you think that you are organised, on top of everything, then you walk through the door and turn your head to find that your beautiful and beloved child has thrown their belongings all of the floor, across the bed, and if possible, even up the walls!

This can be a challenging time, and even more challenging after the first few weeks of school return. The clutter and mess can become overwhelming. Pencils are scattered everywhere, books were thrown in a heap, scissors on the floor, it’s just a mess! So why not see if we can try and prevent that?

You don’t need to go out to a store and spend an x amount of money on trying to organise your child for a busy year. Why not recycle some of the things you no longer need at home, and save some $$$ whilst you are doing it? Create a DIY School Station Organizer. 

Check out how to below 🙂 :

DIY School Station Organizer

Here is what you’ll need:

• Shoe box or cereal box

• Pre-painted cardboard

• Toilet rolls

• Paper

• Glue

• Double-sided sticky tape

• Pencil

• Ruler

• Scissors


Take your box and place it on the back of the patterned paper. Trace around the box with a pencil, leaving a gap so that you will be able to fold the paper around it. Once you have traced the measurements for the face of the box, cut out the pieces.

Next, stick the pieces of patterned paper to the box. You can either do this with double-sided stick tape or glue. I myself used double-sided sticky tape, I’m obsessed with the stuff! Fold the overhang down and sticky tape or glue to the box.


Once the outside of your box is covered in patterned paper, its time to cover the inside. You can choose to do this with more decorative paper, or opt for a simple colour. I myself just used a plain white A4 sheet of paper.

Repeat the step one, tracing the outside of the box to get the rough measurement for inside. Touch up length or width before placing in box. Again you can place them with double-sided sticky tape or glue.


So your box is done, now its time to decorate the toilet rolls! For this step, I recommend using an extra toilet roll to cut and stretch out across the back of your decorative paper to acquire a measurement. Once measured, trace out several toilet roll covers and cut them all out.

Next? You guessed it! Double-sided sticky tape time, or glue if you that is what you have chosen to use. Stick the decorative paper to the toilet rolls.

(Optional: if you would like to paint the inside of the toilet rolls, you can. I didn’t do that for this project, because once you place everything in them you can’t see the insides anyways. But it is totally up to you!)


Glue the toilet rolls to the base of the box. To get a longer lasting effect, I recommend using a hot glue gun. I didn’t use one for this project because I broke mine a few projects back, and have been too lazy to go and buy another. So I just used ordinary glue, and that worked fine.


Take the piece of pre-painted cardboard that should be dry by now. Using your ruler, measure the length ways across the box, the width (starting from the edge of the toilet rolls to the edge of the box on the far side), and the measurement to the base of the box from the top. Trace out measurements on the cardboard, and cut out.

The pieces of cardboard should slip in comfortably.

You’re DIY School Station Organizer is complete! Fill it with pens, pencils, textas. rulers, scissors, books, and all the goodies that come with attending school. Not only is is a great and cheap was to organise the clutter of school, but it also teaches your kids to keep and tidy and clean workspace. Which hey, it’s a bonus for you!

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