Easy DIY Photo Fridge Magnets

by storytellercreations | Feb 1, 2017

Photos are the best way to capture our cherished moments and memories that we have been fortunate enough to experience in our lives. So when I saw this fun and funky way to recreate them (courtesy of Pinterest), I had to give them a go!

The Easy DIY Photo Fridge Magnets are such versatile DIY project to make, they can be used for the fridge or for to-do boards, as well as act as decor for your kitchen, and make a beautiful gift. And did I mention that it’s fun! Looking over old photos always is, right?

Check out Storyteller Creations Easy DIY Photo Fridge Magnets below:

DIY Mugs: Create with Just Nailpolish

by storytellercreations | Jan 26, 2017

DIY mugs became so popular in 2016, and why not? They not only look beautiful, but they are easy to do, make awesome and affordable gifts, and dress up boring, plain white decor with no flavour. Naturally, I came across DIY Mugs: Create with Just Nailpolish idea on Pinterest (all hail Pinterest!), and just had to give it a go!

Check out Storyteller Creations DIY Mugs: Create with Just Nailpolish below:

DIY GIFTS: Story Stones

by storytellercreations | Jan 14, 2017

I absolutely love the word ‘Story’ and the various meanings and definitions it holds behind it. You only have to look at the name of my website, Storyteller Creations, to see how much I love it! That is why I completely fell in love with DIY Gifts: Story Stones when I found a similar idea on Pinterest.

Check out Storyteller Creations DIY Gifts: Story Stones below:

DIY Gift: How to Make a Memory Jar

by storytellercreations | Jan 14, 2017

You know what I love? Those special moments we capture throughout life that turn into memories that will stay with us for a lifetime. For many years now I have been collecting Memory Jars. They hold the small items or little notes with cherished moments written on them that have happened throughout the year. And when the year is up, I tip out the jar and read everything that has happened to me over the course of 365 days.

Not only is DIY Gift: How to Make a Memory Jar perfect for those who love to capture and cherish memories, but it also makes a beautiful gift, whether it be for a Birthday, Christmas, New Years, or Graduation gift.

So check out Storyteller Creations DIY Gift: How to Make a Memory Jar below: